Features of a Great Mobile Phone

Essential to choose phone with great features

Since there are so many phones you can choose from already, it is best if you know beforehand what to look in case you are buying a phone. Yes, there are so many options, but only a few can offer you the best features that can make your life easier. Especially if you are using this phone for your livelihood, you have to really choose well so you can get the best services and your work will not be jeopardized. 

So, what are the features you should prioritize? Check this out:


What is RAM? Have you experienced getting so annoyed and pissed because your phone is really slow? There might be some other contributing factors, but one of the most prominent reason is because the RAM of the said phone is low and maybe, the owner is downloading so many apps on the phone. This can surely slowdown the flow of the phone like every time you change screen, the response is static, and it will even hang at times. 


As you noticed already, phones now come in different sizes. There are even phones that are called as phablet because they are almost the same size with a tablet. We have different preferences though, so, make sure you will be satisfied with your choice. Note that when it comes to sizes, there is really no right or wrong. It is a case to case basis. 

Screen resolution

When you will use your phone, you will automatically see the screen of course. In fact, the whole time you are using your phone, you are also using the screen. This is why, you should be careful in checking the screen resolution. Especially if you are using the phone for your livelihood, you must choose something that will not strain your eyes as that might be something you have to take care later. After all, the eyes are very important. 

The camera

There are people, especially the youngsters who prefer this feature. They don’t care if the other features are not excellent as long as the camera can make them beautiful. If you are like that as well, then you should also check the camera. It is easy to check for this though as most sellers, especially if you are buying the phone from an actual store, will let you try the camera. Not only that, you can also check online beforehand about the specifications of the camera. 

Software features

Each phone comes with different software features. This can usually make or break the functions of the phone. If you are not a technical person, you might have no idea about this. Thus, you can ask a friend who is an IT graduate to check the specifications of the phone you are planning to buy. 

When you buy a new phone, like an iPhone maybe, it would be best if you also check in your area if there is an macbook upgrade in subang jaya shop. This should make your life easier and less burdensome. 

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