A Bloggers Guide to being seen

For sometime, when I first started the blog and my brand, I had trouble getting any sort of exposure online, my web page was not appearing anywhere in the search results. 

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I was stuck, there are billions of sites like mine, how can I stand out? The numbers of it all made me dizzy. After doing a bit of searching up I might have found my solution, Search Engine Optimisation! It is exactly what is sounds like!

By optimising my blog, I can ensure that more people will find it when they search about the things I write about! That brings in more clicks to my site, optimizing it even further. It is doing wonders!

But it wasn’t all easy, after all, Rome wasn’t built in a day. In order to even start to optimise my posts and my blogs I needed to garner an understanding of how search engines worked. 

How I do it.

This blog means a lot to me along with the things I do, which is why I want to share it with all of you! So of course I want what is best for it! Taking my time to further understand and have a grip on the functions of how Google gets their results will definitely pay off well!

Once I have gathered enough understanding, I can start to plan out my content that will appeal to search engines via the use of keywords and phrases that may appeal to search engines. But, I will have to be careful with the way I word my content as I still want to retain its readability and overall quality. 

You surely would want to have the same word repeated constantly and in places where it shouldn’t be, neither does Google! Yes, Google also does quality checks to ensure that the results they present to users are indeed useful and helpful to them, so hence, why caution needs to be taken! 

If a fall into greed and start deploying the use of more unorthodox methods, it might just spell the end for my blog! Which is something I DEFINITELY want to avoid.

So honesty and research will surely be rewarded in the case of Search Engine Optimization, as it should be!

Paying for the position.

But sometimes, I want to get instant results, as you know in business, time is money. But how would i do this without tanking the integrity of my blog. Well, if i have a little cash in my bank, I can actually pay Google to display my web link on the very top of a search engine results page as an ad!

The way this works is that I allocate a set amount of money to Google, and every time someone clicks on my link, the money will be deducted. So the length of how long my site will remain on top all comes down to how much money I have got. So of course, once the cash well dries up, the site will no longer be displayed on top of the search results.

This solution is not bad either, but nothing is without it’s disadvantages. Through paid ads, competitors and rivals have the ability to sabotage your operations by purposely clicking on your ad in order to drain your funds quickly. And it does happen.

Safest bet is through actually going through and optimizing your site in full. This is because ‘organic’ sites tend to stay up longer than ads, and it is for free! So long as constant maintenance to the site is done, you can bet that it will appear on the first search engine results page.

But sometimes, it does get a bit difficult to understand and fully grasp, I don’t think anyone outside of Google can fully understand how they work, why? Because Google keeps it a secret. This ensures that it remains the top and most used search engine on the market, rarely will you hear someone say “Let me Bing that.” 

This is why when i try to optimize my site, I try to according to how Google might function. 

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It is because of this exclusiveness and privacy that people trust the Google algorithm to bring them the proper results they seek, rarely will you find spam sites presented in the results of a Google search.

But what if i still have issues in getting it done, what if I already have too much on my plate to be dealing with the optimization of my website? Is my website doomed to only showing up on the 12th page of the search results? A place where no one goes?

Fear not! For there is still a solution! There are many companies and firms out there that are dedicated to helping other companies with their digital marketing, SEO included! The one I found particularly helpful was Sterrific Agency! They helped me ensure that my site is seen with how they understand SEO. 

  • This article is made possible with the guidance from Steve, from Sterrific Agency, whom I met last month in understanding SEO.