Best places to visit at Puchong


Malaysia is known for being the best place for vacation. There are many places for you to visit in Malaysia and places with many historic values and with the best natures. Among many cities, Puchong is one of the civilised and all-rounder cities in Malaysia. There are many worthy places that you should visit at Puchong. Puchong has everything you need and it is a must-visit city. 

Malaysia is one of the best places to visit agricultural places. It is also filled with beautiful hidden gems. Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve is the best place for you to visit as it is a hidden forest with nature. You should experience nature at the Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve as it is one of the preserved forests in Puchong. People who live at Puchong can take a quick visit to the nearby forest to forget the day-to-day stress in the fast-going world. While visiting these types of places, it is important to take care of the cleanliness of the place. 


Malaysia is also known as a food paradise. There are many kinds of food available for people of various ethnicities. Puchong is one of the cities that has its specialties when it comes to food. People who live in Puchong have their must-visit places. Foo Hing Dim Sum is a famous Dim Sum place where you can get a tasty Dim Sum. It has high ratings among people for selling various Dim Sums according to people’s preferences. Being the best place for the food, Malaysia is best for its own kind of restaurant, the famous Nasi Kandar. Puchong has one of the best Nasi Kandar. Like all the Nasi Kandar in Malaysia, this Kok Siong Nasi Kandar also provides cheap but best food for the people around Puchong.

Night Bazaar

If you are staying around Puchong and want to go for a nice walk while going shopping. Uptown Puchong Night Bazaar is the best place for you. It is uniquely built in a way that every shop will be under a long roof. This is to ensure people to be protected from sun and rain while going for the walk. People can shop under roof without any disruption. This is suitable for the people who like to hang out at night as it is open from 7 pm to 2 am. People can get all kinds of snacks at this bazaar.

Escape room

People who love adventures. This is for you. Escape room located at Setiawalk Puchong where it allows you to enjoy various kinds of puzzles. Setiawalk is known for the endless entertainment for the people. This escape room is derived from Japan with a given time of 45 minutes for the players. With many challenges and puzzles, this escape room is famous among the people of Puchong.

Grand Shanghai Team Park

This is one of the main must-visit places at Puchong. The Grand Shanghai is also located at Shanghai Food theme park. This is a pace filled with beautiful architecture and a luxurious outlook. The grand Shanghai team park is one of the places to get many types of food and it is suitable for people of all ages. This is also the best place to capture pictures of beautiful places or also known as “instagramable” place for the people. For the people who live around Puchong this will be a go-to place for them. You can also enjoy many performances done by people with the preferred food.

Beagle Mania

Are you a dog lover? This place is for you. This is one of the first places of the Dog Gallery in the world. In these places, you can learn about Beagle dogs. You can also have playtime with them. So this is a place to learn and play with the beagle dogs. In short, this is a beagle paradise. 

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