6 Things You Must Do Before Starting Your Own Business

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If you are interested in starting your business or brand, there are several things you must know. Starting a business is not an easy job there are many things that you need to take into consideration and plan for. 

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Here are the 6 important things you must know before starting your own business. 

Make Research 

Making research is really important for everything especially when you are starting your own business. Do you need to research everything like what are your business will be? How are you going to start your business? Are going to look for an investor or are you going to take out a loan from a bank? All of these things need to be taken care of and you need to make detailed research to see which option is the best option for you. 

Write Your Business Plan 

Now that you have done your research and you know what options are the best for your business. You need to make a detailed and thorough business plan, this business plan is the one that you will be presenting to your investor or to the bank when you are taking out a loan from them. In this business plan, you must have everything plan out for your business. From how you will be starting your business and how are you going to manage your business finance. Having a detailed plan will make the investor or the bank feel confident with you. 

What Is Your Company Structure 

Every company or business have their own structure of how they will be running the business. When you decided to start your own business you also need to think about the structure of your business and what structure will work well for your business. A legal structure is important for the company to run legally and smoothly, you can hire a corporate attorney to give the best advice for your legal structure for your company and business. 

Who Is Your Competition 

Even when you think your business is unique and new they will definitely be someone else that has a similar concept to your business. So, see who are the competitors for your business and think of ways on how to be different from them. Remember, your clients and customers want to see something different and new that they’ve never seen in their life. So don’t be afraid to take risks to try something new. 


Every business has to have its own main supplier for its products. You need to search for the best supplier that offers the best price and high-quality products for your business. There are many supply chain solutions Malaysia, that you can use to get your own main supplier. 

Get An Insurance 

We never know what kind of things that can happen in our life. To make sure that you have a backup plan, register your business to any type of insurance like health insurance, safety insurance, and liability. Having insurance can help you in any type of situation that might happen to your business. 

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Importance of the technician in nursing auxiliary care.

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The studies are articulated mainly according to the 3 axes of biology, chemistry and biomedical sciences to which are added subjects such as mathematics and physics applied to the specific uses of the biomedical professions.

At the end of these 2 years, the student will be able to choose the option which best corresponds to his skills and affinities; as an option “Cytology”, all subjects belong to the biological and biomedical sciences while in the option “clinical chemistry”, additional training in chemistry is scheduled.

A large part of this final year is entrusted to specialists working in private, hospital or university laboratories.

Being a medical laboratory technologist means:

Be a high-level technician who puts his skills at the service of “kursus asasi sains” research centers, medical analysis laboratories or pharmaceutical industries

Perform, according to his personal qualities and aspirations, technical tasks of analysis, quality control, routine in the fields of biology, chemistry and medicine

Perform in a hospital or laboratory environment, analyzes allowing physicians to establish a diagnosis and ensure the follow-up of the disease as well as the treatments

The Bachelor – Medical Laboratory Technologist will be able to develop and carry out all the analyzes and in vitro examinations on samples mainly of human origin but also of animal, plant or environmental origin. He will be able to perform all the laboratory tests necessary for quality control. In addition, his technical and practical skills will enable him to be an essential partner in fundamental research work. The bachelor will therefore find its place not only in the medical field but also in the pharmaceutical, veterinary and agro-food fields.

Also, medical laboratory technologists can be found in more and more laboratories (clinical biology, medical research, biotechnologies, pharmaceuticals, agronomists, veterinarians, food industry, etc.).

The training also offers two options:

The Clinical chemistry option, which offers the bachelor versatility and immediate availability for work in traditional sectors.

The Cytology option, which allows the bachelor to specialize in cytology techniques including cytopathology, anatomo-pathology and cytogenetics.

The diploma is part of the legal framework determining access to the profession of laboratory technologist (Royal Decree of June 2, 1993 relating to the professional title and the qualification conditions needed for the workout of the profession).

Bachelors – Medical laboratory technologists can immediately work in hospital or private clinical biology laboratories, in medical and pharmaceutical research laboratories, whether university or not, in biotechnology laboratories, in laboratories in particular chemical industries, in anatomo-pathology and cytology laboratories, in laboratories attached to the legal community, etc.

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Types of walls you can consider for your house

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Walls are the foundation and frames of a house. Without walls, you can never have a roof which makes your house a house. Choosing the right materials for your house is your responsibility to make sure that your house feels homey.

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There are a lot of factors that you should take into consideration when it comes to choosing the right materials for your house such as durability, building cost, maintenance cost, etc. It is very important to know so you will not have to pay more for an average quality material.

Plaster walls

A typical plaster wall requires at least three coats of plaster to achieve a solid, rock-hard covering about one inch thick. It has a lot of good properties such as providing a soundproof space and also can act as an insulator; it helps homes to stay warm during winter and cold during summer.

For this wall, the cost for the plaster is not expensive but you will have to pay more for the building cost because you will need skilled labourers to do it for you. You can use plaster and lath especially for creating arches or any custom designs for your walls and ceilings.

Ceramic tile walls

Tiles can be used on walls as it makes your space look bigger and it brings a touch of style to your house. Ceramic, stone, clays and glass are some of the materials that are commonly used to make tiles for your walls. All types have their own pros and cons.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are stronger as they were made with high heat but it is not suitable for outdoor use. Interior designers will suggest using ceramic tile walls in your bathroom or your kitchen as that place needs more lights to make it look spacious.

You can choose to use any size of tiles that suits the place you want to place it. Some place in your house needs a larger tile size than the other place, so make sure to know which is best for your house. Ask for professional help so you will get the best results.

Glass partition walls

Installing a glass partition wall is one of the ways to make your house look bigger than it actually is. It also gives more space as it is just a thin layer of strong glass as a wall. Using glass partition walls will actually cut a lot of cost, from installing the wall, maintenance of the glass wall and even the cost to remove the glass wall from its place.

Some people use a glass partition as the wall to get more natural lighting from the outside and it is easy to maintain. If you ever wanted to remove your wall to make your space bigger, the cost to remove the glass wall is not as expensive as removing a traditional wall. It does not require any hard procedure. Maybe they will just uninstall the panel and remove the glass from its place. Glass partition from the Kuala Lumpur manufacturer has the best glass in town.

Find the best material for your wall that suits your idea of your house!

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Avoiding Inflammations In The Liver

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When the liver is inflamed, it becomes larger than a normal organ of its kind would normally grow. A more serious health condition is usually the cause. In addition to liver inflammation, many illnesses or disorders might also cause other symptoms. Alcoholism, drug use without medical supervision, and certain body diseases can cause liver inflammation. 

Eat only hygienic food when you’re aware that there’s a hepatitis outbreak in your area. Hepatitis is contagious, so make sure the food you eat is hygienic before consuming it. Eat well-cooked food and remove the peel-off fruit before eating it. Keep in mind that you should always drink only boiling and cooled water.

To avoid contracting infectious hepatitis by avoiding intimate contact with an affected person. Use safe sexual practices in general and prevent sexual contact with infected people or strangers. Even kissing is frowned upon in the medical world.

When caring for someone with hepatitis, you should take extra precautions to keep healthy. Hands, utensils, and clothing should be washed with soap and hot water. Know the health dangers in the location you’re visiting before you go.

You should take extra measures in areas where hepatitis is common. Hepatitis vaccines are an excellent option for those who are at risk of contracting the disease. Even if you don’t travel, you can achieve this by becoming aware of the risks in the area where you reside now.

Infection is contagious, so act soon if you suspect you’ve been exposed. Some hepatitis A and B infections can be prevented with a shot called immune globulin after exposure. Immune globulin and vaccines for the viruses should be obtained as soon as possible.

If you have a metabolic disease, take additional care of your liver. You should lose weight as soon as possible since obesity can induce liver damage, which may result in inflammation.

Considering these are tips and lessons to help us avoid inflammations of the liver, it can be said that one can be unlucky enough to still be a patient of Hepatitis. Fortunately, you can get better and proceed in staying away from the disease. After being diagnosed with liver inflammation with a medical professional, taking medicine and supplements are very crucial in aiding yourself to get better. Medicine given by the doctors should be taken carefully and diligently with the given amount. Taking different doses or the wrong medicines can be very dangerous to our body where it can give side effects, or even be the cause of death. Other than that, with the acknowledgment of TCM, the liver herbal supplement Proganic in Malaysia is very popular among locals. Consequently, everyone should take the steps to avoid inflammations in their liver or start taking care and getting better if already infected with the disease. Healthy liver, healthy body!

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The Pandemic Dilemma

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My poor friend was new to Kuala Lumpur. He was here for work, and he arrived end of February, early March, very excited to start living the bachelor’s life. But then out of nowhere the pandemic hits. He was basically stranded. He was lucky to have settled into his new apartment, other than that he was clueless about his surrounding. Most of his friends (including me) live far away and those who weren’t were scared to go out so he couldn’t meet with anyone. The fact that he didn’t get to explore his area didn’t help either. He wasted so much money in ordering take-out. It was fun at first he gets as he gets to try the local food selections around him. He was quite lucky too because he lives near to a lot of mamaks and local restaurants. But he knows that it was not sustainable. So he came to me (via video call, of course), a little worried. His dilemma was valid, though. He told me: 

Online Grocery Kuala Lumpur

“I know that they are some grocery stores near this apartment complex here somewhere. But from what I see on the internet, whenever you go to those places, the people don’t really practice social distancing now, do they? I mean I live alone, I have no one, I don’t want to compromise your health anyone to come to rescue me if I get infected or something. It is a foreign place to me too… I just don’t want to risk it. What should I do? Is there a food service or something like that? and also… I am on a poor man’s budget. I splurged too much so now I have to be a bit smarter about my money management ’till my next paycheck. If not food service, is there like… an Instagram store where they sell groceries? They have something like that back in Indonesia,” 

Because I want to help a friend in need, I went online and search for a website or Instagram account, or honestly at that point, I don’t know too. I am a very old-school person. I ask my friends to order stuff online for me, I was not one of those people who trust the transition from offline stores to online stores. Okay, I digress. 

Online Grocery Kuala Lumpur

I asked some of my other friends who are more familiar with this stuff, and she came back with something that was perfect for my friend. Which was an online grocery in Kuala Lumpur! When I came back to him with this finding, he was so relieved. I still stick to going physically to grocery stores though, but he now uses it on a weekly basis and he is very happy with the service. I was happy too, he found a silver lining in the midst of this pandemic. 

I hope you guys stay safe too. Don’t go out if you don’t need to, and wear always wear your mask. Properly. Happy new normal!   

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Amusing Leisure Activities You Can Embark On With Your Children

If you happen to go around questioning kids about their parents, chances are that 5 in 10 of them would claim their parents as too busy running endeavors whilst leaving them to independence. This may sound like a commonplace phenomenon because parents based on any preconceived notions, are supposed to be busy striving for the livelihood of their family. Having said that, while having a stable career is of paramount importance, another aspect they should prioritize on would be none other than the wellbeing of their children. Training children to be independent at a fairly young age may be amazing, but parents should never disregard their growth especially when they are still seemingly young where guidance and supervision are highly called for. This is to busy parents who have little to no chance of spending quality time with their children, read and decipher to be enlightened. 

Heart-To-Heart Conversation

While this may seem as a quotidian thing to do, having a heart-to-heart conversation is far different from regular conversations. It requires you to open up the deepest part of your hearts and express your thoughts and emotions in a rather matured way. Never be afraid of being vulnerable with your children because they understand. The more you express your hearts openly to them, the more they will understand you, and once they comprehended you more, it effectively develops a stronger bond between them and you. You may think children are too young to decipher adult problems but once you explain to them properly, they will reach an optimum understanding. Let them know what you are facing and they will do the same by hook or by crook. 

Exercise Together 

Nothing is stronger than a family who works out together. If you happened to have severe backaches, fret not, hardcore workout sessions are not deemed essential. You can always do something as simple as jogging, brisk-walking, yoga, swimming, so on and so forth. If your children see fondness in swimming, you may want to open up their door to more opportunities. One way to do that is by enrolling them in diving course malaysia, provided they are into it. 

Appreciate The Time Spent Together

Once and for all, when you have the time to spend time with them as a family, put down your gadgets and set aside your thoughts and spend quality time with them. Whatever they are fond of doing, do it with them if you may. If they love spending their weekends on video games, join them for a game or two. You will immediately see changes in the relationship between everyone. 

Bottom Line 

Notwithstanding your busy schedule, always prioritise your children’s wellbeing, because if you do not do so, nobody would. At the very end of the day, you are responsible for their growth.

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Exploring BDSM With Your Partner

BDSM stands for bondage, dominance, submission and masochism. Yes, it sounds scary but it’s not actually. If you and your partner are open to trying new things, BDSM is certainly a fun road to go down. Of course, you and your partner should have an agreement beforehand on what side of BDSM you want to try. There are levels of it. For instance, there’s light BDSM where it’s just basic restraints with extra toys as stimulants. Then there is the more extreme BDSM where you explore more complex bondage while exploring orgasm denial as well as other BDSM kinks. 

There are sex toys like vibrators, dildos, penis rings and whips you can incorporate into BDSM. You can view more sex toys in Malaysia and see more choices you can choose from to add to your fun experiment. However, if you or your partner feel uncomfortable and decide not to proceed or do it again, respect their decision and stop whatever it is. That is the most important part of keeping a relationship healthy for both of you. Respect each other’s decisions in anything both of you decide to try later on i the relationship too. Communicate with each other and tell each other what you like and what you don’t like. Thus, here are a few things you need to know when you’re trying BDSM:

Establish Boundaries

Whether or not you’re trying this with your significant other, there need to be boundaries. As mentioned earlier, communicate about what you like and don’t like. In BDSM, there are a lot of things like hair-pulling or spanking that a lot of people like. When done properly, it wouldn’t be painful and it’d only add to the sexual satisfaction. Nonetheless, there are some people who do not prefer that and would rather stick to the bondage or dominance and submission play. This is why you and your partner should talk about it beforehand to know what you can or cannot do. What is acceptable and what is off-limits. Remember that just because you’re in a relationship, it is not a free pass for consent. So there always needs to be communication and agreement. 

If you’re enjoying this article so far, lunafamily.my has more!

Establish A Safeword

Safewords are for when you think your partner is going too far or you can’t take it anymore and you want to stop. A safeword should be agreed upon beforehand and once it is said, any activity should stop immediately. If you’ve agreed on a safeword, respect it. Moreover, don’t make it too long or hard to remember. Stick with something short or catchy like “cherries” or use the name of colours like “red” to indicate you want to stop.

Know The Precautions And Do Your Research

This is fairly important, especially when you are exploring BDSM. This is because there have been cases of BDSM going terribly wrong. So, make sure you know the do’s and don’ts well enough before even stepping foot into that territory. Also, since BDSM is considered rough sex and there is a dominant and submissive. The dominant, or the giver of the relationship, should always be knowledgeable about aftercare. Aftercare is when everything is done and you make sure your partner is well taken care of. This includes cleaning, comforting or even cuddling. This is the proper attitude of a dominant. 

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How To Create A Successful Factory

When your business is big enough, it will require you to open a factory to manage the production matter. All of the big and successful businesses you have seen out there starting from the small business. This article only applies if you are selling something in your business. This does not apply to those doing service business. The one who is selling their product needs a factory to complete its production because if they did not do so, they will not get the quota they have set in the early of their production. Although, there a few businesses that have opened and owned a factory for their business, yet still did not complete all of the products which they should complete. Above all that, if you are a business owner, you should be using carlo gavazzi automation components Malaysia to help your production in your factory. You also need to create a good environment in your factory because it also leads to good production for your business. You also need to find out how to boost the production from your factory to the fullest you can. 

If you are interested in carlo gavazzi, there are a lot of company out there could supply you with the top carlo gavazzi automation Malaysia and if you want to know more about it, you can go here for carlo gavazzi automation Malaysia. Here is some the method you can use in creating a successful factory. 

  1. Identify the location of your factory

The location plays the most important role in this matter. One can have a big and great factory but always mistook the place for their business factory. You should not do the same thing. A place is the most essential thing for one business. A strategic place for a business factory could be leading to greater profits. There are times when your client or someone important wants to visit your factory, here is when it plays its role. If your factory is easy to find, you make the process easy to solve, but if it is difficult to be found, you maybe make yourself lost profit at the time. 

  1. Choose the most suitable building

The building also plays an important role here. You should be providing your worker with the most suitable building for the production process. It can be the same as other building out there. You need to build it to be suited for the work that will be done there. That is why building and the location for your factory are important in creating a good profit for your business. You also need to build the building complete the facilities such as the pantry. Most of the factories in this country did not have it because they think it would not be needed there but in fact, it is one of the most basic facilities you should provide in your factory. 

In conclusion, those two are the most important and essential in boosting productivity in your factory. You as a business owner should make it as perfect as you can. 

If you’re interested in reading more about secrets to become a millionaire, click here.

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Why You Should Get Your Hands On Forex Trading (And Why You Should Not To)

Why You Should Get Your Hands On Forex Trading (And Why You Should Not To)

Forex, a merged word of foreign currency and exchange, is a conversion of one’s currency to another currency which involves trading against each other. It is commonly used for commerce, trading and tourism. Lately, Forex trading has slowly propagated its influence to be a methodology for ‘easy money’ for its simple, not so complicated steps to do, making it a trend for traders to try it out and/or turning it into their career. Although that is the case for some, it may not be for everyone as it involves win or lose, gains and losses, and just like any other occupations, requires effort and patience to make the trading career work out.

Here are the reasons you should (or should not) do forex trading:

Why You Should: You Can Be Financially Independent

The art of forex trading uses money as its main motivator and end product that will act as your drive to become financially independent. It is tricky and emotionally draining as you anxiously wait for the money to flow, but it is worthwhile to gain knowledge and understand the wonders of forex trading until you are smart and confident enough to leave your security blanket and take a leap into turning forex as your full time career. Whether you would like to do forex trading full time or part time, forex trading can give you that ka-ching over time! Invest more energy and time into it and you are good to go for independence.

Why You Shouldn’t: You Are Gambling With Your Money

The forex market is dangerously fragile and volatile. It is either you make it or you break it. One wrong move and you can be very vulnerable to the risk of money losses when trading a currency pair. Moreover, you are expected to include margin trading and leverage to trade large amounts with little initial capital. Otherwise, your trading will be an inherent threat.

Why You Should: Learning How To Forex Trade Is Easy-Peasy

Of course, learning how to forex trade needs a vast knowledge, discipline and smart risk management. The easy part of trading is your willingness to educate yourself and acknowledge your mistakes here and there. Technological means play a very important role when it comes to forex trading as the majority of trusted broker forex operate online now and you only need your nifty internet connection and a computing device. And there you go, you can start your forex account and good to go!

Why You Shouldn’t: You Don’t Really Know What You’re Trying To Do
It may not be your favorite part, but to forex trade, you need to set up a genius trading strategy that suits your style and comfortability. To learn about forex is to apply the basics of the trade markets, what influences them and how trading really works for it to run well. Without these simple tasks, well, it will be a hustle for you in the long run.

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Pandemic Online Learning

Pandemic Online Learning

As COVID-19 has spread out throughout the world and officially become a worldwide pandemic. With the nature of the virus itself, not only in Malaysia, governments from all around the world have instructed all the citizens to remain at home thus, breed a term that is called Stay At Home. Because of the way the virus spread, we are being warned to maintain our distance with one another. The term of social distancing has become very common among us and it has become a new way of life in this pandemic era.

With the pandemic has struck us worldwide, many shops closed down their stores following the Movement Restriction Order that has been implemented in Malaysia. Not only shops, places like restaurants, schools, cafes, and game stations are being closed down in order to follow the rules from the government.

The pandemic has made many students study from home. This has bred the new type of learning for many students all around the world. Online learning has become a common way of learning for students. Every school in the world has begun to slowly shift their study to an online platform from the beginning of 2020.

With online learning has become one of the hottest methods of study in many schools all around the world, we have to see both the benefits and disadvantages from the online learning method that has been implemented.

It may not be easy but it is possible to adapt to the new routine. Teachers must adjust for new mediums of instruction. Even with all the changes, many students and teachers actually enjoy learning in a new way rather than sticking to the traditional way.

Even though many students have stated that adapting to the new method of learning is a little difficult, some people like it, as they’re exposed to different online tools like Zoom Video Platform, Google Quizzes, Moodle, Microsoft Offices, and many other interactive learning tools. Students will feel near and enjoy getting teachers’ answers to their entry into work. To make sure you could access those online learning platforms, check out this link to access Time fibre unlimited home broadband Malaysia, the fastest internet in Malaysia.

But still, there are certain disadvantages from the new online learning method compared to the traditional way of teaching in schools. Most of the students actually need a more hands on learning approach. But, with Time 100mbps that has been around us in 2020, a learning experience with a more hands on approach is impractical and against the regulation from the government. This has certainly become a major concern for every student that is already used to the traditional method of learning.

In conclusion, pandemic has certainly surprised us all in 2020. With the implementation of Stay At Home by the WHO, many countries have implemented the movement restriction order for their citizens. This restriction has bred a new way of learning for students. As for both teachers and students, this new way of learning should not discourage you from learning more in school. Instead, you should look at the benefits and you should be able to overcome the disadvantages from this new learning method in 2020.

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