How to Preserve Spices to Make Them Always Available

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How to Preserve Spices to Make Them Always Available

Think of your spices as perishable if you haven’t already if you haven’t before. What are you going to do with that jar of garam masala that has been collecting dust in your spice cupboard for the past 10 years? You can be sure it’s gummy, discoloured, and has no discernible flavour. To make matters worse, you can’t make up for the lack of vigour in the elderly and frail by adding more of them to your curry.

With proper care and storage, it is possible to prolong the flavour and freshness of your spices despite the fact that they are certain to lose their potency with time. We’ve put up a list of five tips to help you keep your spices fresh for as long as possible, some of which are straight from industry experts. As you buy spice storage containers malaysia you can have the right choice there.

Use an airtight container to keep spices fresh.

In order to preserve the freshness of spices, it is essential to keep them in airtight containers that are tightly closed at all times. It doesn’t matter whether you use metal tins or glass jars to keep your spices. Ben Walters, the proprietor of North Market Spices, is a good source for this guidance.

Commercial-grade plastic bags intended to allow excess air to escape are an excellent tip for protecting the freshness of spices. Spices may be conveniently stored and organised in plastic bags. Spice bags are stored in two wire baskets, which Walters describes as “like a filing cabinet.” A pair of wire baskets hold my spice packs.

Cool, dark places are best for keeping spices.

Despite the fact that it would be aesthetically pleasing to exhibit a variety of handcrafted spice jars on a windowsill, doing so would cause the contents to taste worse. Jars should be stored in a cabinet or drawer since they are the safest location for them to reside. Invest in a little number of spices, utilise them quickly, and then repurchase after you’ve exhausted your supply if you can’t get enough of the visual appeal of a well-curated spice collection.

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Keep spices away from any source of heat, such as a stove.

Put your favourite seasonings near the stove, but heat isn’t the only thing that may quickly spoil the flavour of spices. Keep them away from direct sunlight, too. Keeping spices near your dishwasher is also a bad idea since it’s another hidden source of heat that might be dangerous.

Spices should be stored in a dry location and away from any moisture.

Moisture may also reduce the shelf life of spices. There are several reasons why keeping spices near to a heat source is dangerous, and this is one of them. Spices should never be stored in the freezer, and measuring spoons should always be completely dry before use. Spices should never be placed in a freezer.

Remember to check the expiry dates on your spices at all times.

There isn’t much agreement on how long spices may be kept without spoiling. Everyone believes that ground spices do not have the same shelf life (one to two years at most) as whole spices. If you want to get the most out of the flavour and freshness of spices, it is preferable to purchase them in their whole form and then grind them at home just before using them.”

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