History of Dildo: Going Old-Skool

A single tool has been used by nearly every civilization throughout history, from the Stone Age to Ancient Greece and up to the present day. 

Archaeologists have attempted to come up with non-sexual applications for the distinctively shaped objects from this time period that have been referred to as “ice age batons” by the general public. However, scientific opinion is gradually shifting away from the notion that these objects were being used for sexual pleasure and toward the notion that they were.

The incredibly detailed nature of a few of the phalluses is responsible for this shift in public opinion. For example, some of these objects have foreskin that has been retracted or completely absent, as well as piercings, tattoos, and scars. This specificity, combined with their life-size size and smooth, polished construction (made of siltstone, chalk, or antler bone), has led some scholars to believe that these ancient phalluses were used as dildos in ancient Greece and Roman times

Following the Stone Age, the ancient Greeks turned to the inside of the kitchen for sexual inspiration for their artificial phalluses, rather than the outside world. One of their most well-known sexual traditions is the use of olisbokollikes, or bread-based dildos (baguettes, essentially). Images of bread dildos have been found in a variety of places, although it’s unclear if they were used for ritual or regular enjoyment. 

Dildos was also employed by the Greeks in various settings. For example, in Aristophanes’ classic comedy Lysistrata, Greek women embark on a sex strike, which leads to a discussion on the usage of dildos to keep themselves satisfied while protesting. However, to buy the best dildos in Malaysia, visit this Secret Cherry dildo shop Malaysia.

Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the globe, the Western Han dynasty’s (206 B.C. – 220 A.D.) unprecedented affluence resulted in extraordinarily intricate tombs containing a range of magnificent objects, including a number of antique sex toys. These toys were common sexual aids among the Han elites and were products of high quality. However, although these dildos were toys, they had the additional function of being tools.

“When I say ‘tool,’ I also mean that these phalluses had a larger purpose than sheer physical pleasure,” Jay Xu of San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum told Hyperallergic. “The Han believed that the balance of yin and yang, the female and male spiritual principles, could be achieved during sex. In this regard, sex, especially if it was pleasurable and lasted for a sufficient amount of time, had a real spiritual dimension.”

In general, women were portrayed as very sexual in this genre of literature, even to the point of being the aggressor. Shunga thrived in clandestine marketplaces even after the Japanese government outlawed it in 1722.

The dildo has been constructed out of a variety of materials in recent times, but Gosnell Duncan’s silicone dildo is by far the most successful. Duncan was paralyzed below the waist after suffering an accident in 1965. After his accident, he became involved in the disability movement and advocated for better and safer penile replacements.

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