Why Should You Study Law?

dispute resolution

Laws, rules, regulations, terms and conditions are examples of the things that most of the time will have something to do with the government or any organizations or institutions. For example, you purchased an item and it was broken during the delivery. There must be rules by the courier or the business company about compensation or fine that any party has to pay to you as the recipient.

dispute resolution

And the people who are responsible to represent the victim are lawyers. So, in this article I will share about why you should be a lawyer or at least study in the law field.

1.   Wide choice of career

Being a lawyer means you will be able to learn a lot of things because the law itself applies to everything in this world. You can be a corporate lawyer, Shariah lawyer, civil lawyer, criminal lawyer and a lot more. Having a law background does not only allow you to be a lawyer but there are also a lot of things that you can explore. Let’s say you are interested in forensics, you can practice law under forensics or medical field. Not only that, people with a law education background will also be able to work as a social worker, politician, lecturer and so on. If you like writing articles or journals, you can work as a law journalist and come out with your own research or book.

2.   Improve soft skills

Learning law or practicing law will be able to help you to enhance your critical thinking skills because you will learn and find various types of cases with different causes and different effects and punishments. With that, you can improve your critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills and creativity in how to solve the problems. Communication skills are also very important when it comes to law enforcement. You should be able to analyze complex situations and be able to come out with the best solutions to win the case.

3.   Flexible working life

If you are looking forward to having a flexible working life or a balanced work-life lifestyle, working as a lawyer will allow you to have the experience because you will not have to go to the office everyday since you will be working in your clients’ file and you can even do that from your home. You can choose when to go to the office and when not to go. It also allows you to open your own firm which means more flexibility while working. Not only that, it is also flexible when it comes to picking jobs, clients and the working field.

4.   Intellectual challenge

Studying law and working with law will give you a lot of intellectual challenge and if you are someone who loves to challenge yourself in terms of thinking, this might be the best job for you. You will also have to always be up to date with the world issues because you are the first person to be asked when it comes to rights issues. You can be responsible for any mediation, dispute resolution, arbitration and so on.

All in all, learning and practicing laws are not hard but it surely is not for everyone even if it is just all reading and analyzing.

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