Pandemic Online Learning

Pandemic Online Learning

As COVID-19 has spread out throughout the world and officially become a worldwide pandemic. With the nature of the virus itself, not only in Malaysia, governments from all around the world have instructed all the citizens to remain at home thus, breed a term that is called Stay At Home. Because of the way the virus spread, we are being warned to maintain our distance with one another. The term of social distancing has become very common among us and it has become a new way of life in this pandemic era.

With the pandemic has struck us worldwide, many shops closed down their stores following the Movement Restriction Order that has been implemented in Malaysia. Not only shops, places like restaurants, schools, cafes, and game stations are being closed down in order to follow the rules from the government.

The pandemic has made many students study from home. This has bred the new type of learning for many students all around the world. Online learning has become a common way of learning for students. Every school in the world has begun to slowly shift their study to an online platform from the beginning of 2020.

With online learning has become one of the hottest methods of study in many schools all around the world, we have to see both the benefits and disadvantages from the online learning method that has been implemented.

It may not be easy but it is possible to adapt to the new routine. Teachers must adjust for new mediums of instruction. Even with all the changes, many students and teachers actually enjoy learning in a new way rather than sticking to the traditional way.

Even though many students have stated that adapting to the new method of learning is a little difficult, some people like it, as they’re exposed to different online tools like Zoom Video Platform, Google Quizzes, Moodle, Microsoft Offices, and many other interactive learning tools. Students will feel near and enjoy getting teachers’ answers to their entry into work. To make sure you could access those online learning platforms, check out this link to access Time fibre unlimited home broadband Malaysia, the fastest internet in Malaysia.

But still, there are certain disadvantages from the new online learning method compared to the traditional way of teaching in schools. Most of the students actually need a more hands on learning approach. But, with Time 100mbps that has been around us in 2020, a learning experience with a more hands on approach is impractical and against the regulation from the government. This has certainly become a major concern for every student that is already used to the traditional method of learning.

In conclusion, pandemic has certainly surprised us all in 2020. With the implementation of Stay At Home by the WHO, many countries have implemented the movement restriction order for their citizens. This restriction has bred a new way of learning for students. As for both teachers and students, this new way of learning should not discourage you from learning more in school. Instead, you should look at the benefits and you should be able to overcome the disadvantages from this new learning method in 2020.