Disadvantages Of Having A Green Roof 

Bandar Sunway

A green roof has been a hot topic among many environmentalists and roof specialists. Several debates and researches have been done on the amazing benefits of such green roofs and it’s sustainability. Are they as Eco-friendly as deemed and worth the hype? 

Undoubtedly green roofs have major economic as well environmental benefits. People save a considerable amount of money with the help of green roof vegetation and features. The cost of making the roof is given in return for its economic benefits. A building in Bandar Sunway with a green roof is likely to have an asset value and better marketability compared to a house with a traditional roof. Besides the economic appeal, there is also the energy-saving and waste cutting aspect of the green roofs that are crucial to climate change. These environmental benefits combined with economic benefits are hard to beat. Besides it also becomes the perfect place for you to plan some leisure activity or relax.

Despite all the dazzling perks of the green roof, it has not panned out to be the dream roof we imagine it to be. Sure, it looks awesome and mind-blowing from the bird’s view, but is it worth the hassle that comes with the beauty? 

It Is Significantly Expesneive 

The keyword here being significant is a true understatement. When you are paying for a green roof you are paying for its installation to its maintenance. Unlike your good old traditional roof, they are so much more high maintenance and the maintenance itself also requires a team of specialists. Installation and making of the roof also require strategizing from a team who are equipped for such a task. The technicality that goes into making a green roof whether it is a solar-powered green roof or an intensive green roof, is a lot. Are you ready to pay buckets and heaps of money for special contractors, materials, and even the plants? 

Bandar Sunway

Location Plays A Huge Role

It is not all possible to build a green roof in any part of the world. The cost also changes depending on the type of environment and climate you live in. A green roof established in Bandar Sunway may not even be on the same level as a green roof built in a snowy city. How much exposure you have to UV rays and how often you get rain is detrimental to the structure of the green roof. The unpredictable nature of the climate also may make it more difficult and complicated to make a proper green roof.  

The Number Of Plants 

Without plants, you cannot call the green roof, a green roof. There are many alternatives to green roofs in terms of sustainability however, plants are what is desired in the urban environment. Unfortunately, growing layers of grasses, ponds, meadows, and trees are not as easy as it sounds. Depending on the type of plant you want, the need for its maintenance also changes. Specialists have a lot to consider when choosing plants too. They have to consider how accessible it is to maintain them, the ease of maintenance, the climate for the plant, and the waterproof system to keep the roof intact and safe. 

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