Types of walls you can consider for your house

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Walls are the foundation and frames of a house. Without walls, you can never have a roof which makes your house a house. Choosing the right materials for your house is your responsibility to make sure that your house feels homey.

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There are a lot of factors that you should take into consideration when it comes to choosing the right materials for your house such as durability, building cost, maintenance cost, etc. It is very important to know so you will not have to pay more for an average quality material.

Plaster walls

A typical plaster wall requires at least three coats of plaster to achieve a solid, rock-hard covering about one inch thick. It has a lot of good properties such as providing a soundproof space and also can act as an insulator; it helps homes to stay warm during winter and cold during summer.

For this wall, the cost for the plaster is not expensive but you will have to pay more for the building cost because you will need skilled labourers to do it for you. You can use plaster and lath especially for creating arches or any custom designs for your walls and ceilings.

Ceramic tile walls

Tiles can be used on walls as it makes your space look bigger and it brings a touch of style to your house. Ceramic, stone, clays and glass are some of the materials that are commonly used to make tiles for your walls. All types have their own pros and cons.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are stronger as they were made with high heat but it is not suitable for outdoor use. Interior designers will suggest using ceramic tile walls in your bathroom or your kitchen as that place needs more lights to make it look spacious.

You can choose to use any size of tiles that suits the place you want to place it. Some place in your house needs a larger tile size than the other place, so make sure to know which is best for your house. Ask for professional help so you will get the best results.

Glass partition walls

Installing a glass partition wall is one of the ways to make your house look bigger than it actually is. It also gives more space as it is just a thin layer of strong glass as a wall. Using glass partition walls will actually cut a lot of cost, from installing the wall, maintenance of the glass wall and even the cost to remove the glass wall from its place.

Some people use a glass partition as the wall to get more natural lighting from the outside and it is easy to maintain. If you ever wanted to remove your wall to make your space bigger, the cost to remove the glass wall is not as expensive as removing a traditional wall. It does not require any hard procedure. Maybe they will just uninstall the panel and remove the glass from its place. Glass partition from the Kuala Lumpur manufacturer has the best glass in town.

Find the best material for your wall that suits your idea of your house!