Ways to protect yourself when using Zoom

When lockdowns happen across the world, all schools and education institutions are forced to close until further notice. It left educators and students no choice but to turn to online classes and meetings. Multiple platforms that offer video conferencing gain popularity. Some of these platforms are Zoom, Google Meet and GoToMeeting. These are widely used platforms over the past month since the pandemic happened. However, there were some claims made that Zoom is leaking users’ information like email addresses, photos and more to the public. Zoom also allowed users to initiate a video call with strangers and sometimes strangers can enter a meeting even without the organizer’s permission. These things caused worries among the users who use Zoom for their meetings or classes. Thus, this article would tell you how to protect yourself while using Zoom.

1 – Protect your account and meetings 

Just like any other online account, make sure that your account is protected by a strong and unique password. This would make it harder for people to guess your password. In Zoom, you will receive a Personal Meeting ID when you first create an account, keep this ID safe with you because if anyone else has this information, they can literally join any meeting you host, even those they are not invited in. To further protect your meetings, you will have an option to either put a password for your Zoom or not, choose to set up a password. It will add an element of protection to the meeting, especially if it’s a private one. 

2 – Be careful where you share meeting links

When people have acquired the link, they would share it in another app like Whatsapp or Telegram. If you carelessly share the link, bear in mind that anyone can gain access into the meeting. If it is a private meeting and you would only like to send the link to certain people, send it to them via one-to-one message like email or text message. Do not send it to group chats and most importantly, please avoid uploading the link onto social media. This would make the meeting accessible to everyone that comes across the post in social media. There are people who search social media for public Zoom links they can join for no reason. 

3 – Mind your screen before you share

Just the other day, a colleague shared his screen and thinking that he had already pressed the “stop sharing” button, he then proceeded to open his Whatsapp. We took notice of this and immediately told him that his screen was still sharing and that everyone could see his chat. That was his privacy that could easily be breached if someone did not inform him and let him be. That is an important advice, always mind your screen before you share and make sure you have really stopped sharing your screen before you click on another tab, especially if it’s something private. 

4 – Always enable waiting room

By enabling the waiting room, the organizer of the meeting would be able to control who enters the meeting. If there is an unwanted visitor, you can deny their entrance and they wouldn’t be able to join the conversation. You can even remove people altogether or mute participants who you think deserve to be muted. 

It is very important that your Zoom is protected all time because when you spend so much time on the app, you tend to leave some information about yourself that you wish wouldn’t be revealed to the public. You can ensure this protection by following those steps mentioned above and by upgrading your internet to high-speed internet by subscribing to Time fibre because by securing your internet connection, you would be able to protect other online things as well. 

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