Is Steel The Future Or The Past?

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The term “go green” is making rounds in every community on the planet in an attempt to reassess our role as humans on the planet and how we have impacted it. It has also brought forth considerations on how we might be able to correct or limit the extent of damage we have imposed on earth. Environmentalists, global warming specialists, and many other important personnel are coming into the picture to find the most sustainable means of living while still maintaining the appropriate standards. One conversation that continues to be up for debate is the production of steel.

The steel industry is a large and complex one. It is in everything, from our cutlery to our most expensive cars and top-notch devices. So the conversations begin with:

Is Steel Irreplaceable?

Steel has without doubt become a fundament in every industry in one way or another. There is steel in manufacturing. It is in the food industry and even finds itself in music and medicine. Could such an integral piece to our livelihoods be replaced by something else? After using it for so long and the impact it has had, can we afford to replace it with a different material? An interesting alternative in construction is bamboo! Bamboo is a strong and natural material that is often used as a replacement of steel in home construction in India. In actuality, it has been found that bamboo is stronger than steel and therefore has a brilliant structural integrity. Other experimental materials include the use of recycled plastic. However, when it comes down to it, steel is such an integral part of society and its functions it would be difficult to find a standard replacement for steel.

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Is Steel Green?

It is difficult to pretend that there are not massive landfills full to the brim with sheet pile malaysia. Steel has been used in a variety of our infrastructure and several other industries. The question of whether it can be ‘green’ is a crucial one. The answer is dependent on the type of steel and its uses. Scrap metals and leftover steel can be reused and remodified for other uses. In art and sculpting, steel is used as an art medium for expression. In avant garde fashion, steel is a dressing statement that evokes a response from audiences. So while steel can be reutilised and fashioned into something else, can it still be, even after repurposing, be recycled into something else for long-term use? The answer is YES! Steel can be recycled an infinite number of times before losing its quality.

The conversations of steel, and how dependent we are on it is always fascinating. And with each new day there are several discoveries that are pointing us in the direction of better protecting our planet. Steel is a product that has afforded us many different things and while it has proven to be green, opting for naturally-occurring materials is still up for discussion.

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