Machinery Manufacturing in Malaysia

machine structure fabrication johor

Machinery manufacturing industry provides technical equipment for the whole national economy, and its development level is one of the main signs of the degree of national industrialization, and is an important pillar industry of the country. In recent years, the development prospects of the machinery and equipment industry in Malaysia have been promising. The Malaysian Government has identified the machinery and equipment industry as one of the key growth and development areas under the Tertiary Industry Blueprint 2006 to 2020 and will focus on high-tech and high value added machinery and equipment production activities. Therefore, Malaysian enterprises related to the machinery manufacturing industry have good prospects and space for development.

machine structure fabrication johor

Most of our enterprises and factories are built in the large land area of the state, including Johor. Therefore, there are many major factories for major industries such as machine structure fabrication in Johor.

Machine equipment refers to a device with a certain mechanical structure under a certain power drive, which can complete a certain production and processing functions. It is made of metal or other materials and assembled from a number of parts. To assemble a good machine, you need good materials. Only on the basis of the good quality of raw materials, the machine can work longer and create more products and value.

When it comes to raw materials of machines, our first recognition is metal! Do you know what the metalworking process is?

Metal processing refers to the production activities of processing materials with metal characteristics mainly composed of metal elements. The processing methods of metals include casting, plastic forming and solid forming. Casting is when metal is heated, melted, and then poured into a model, it is suitable for processing complex parts. Plastic forming processing methods include forging, wire drawing, impact extrusion, powder metallurgy and so on. The materials used in solid forming are metals that can be molded at room temperature. It belongs to labor intensive production, so the processing cost input can be relatively low.

Selection and quality assurance of raw materials are important considerations in production. As Malaysia’s machinery manufacturing products have a certain market share in the export market, so good products can bring us good reputation, so as to drive the progress of the country’s overall economy.

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