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In order to encourage breastfeeding and to alleviate the small difficulties that it may bring, lanolin is the therapy of choice. When, why, and how should it be used? We give you all you need to know about this amazing product!

What exactly is lanolin?

Lanolin has a similar appearance to human sebum. It is sometimes referred to as “wool fat” or “wool wax” since it is derived from sheep’s wool. Her calming and healing qualities have long been known to be effective. Protecting the skin by depositing a protective layer on the surface is an emollient and moisturising agent like the lanolin product Malaysia. It is particularly beneficial for itchy skin, which is common during breast-feeding. Make sure to select a treatment that is 100 percent natural in origin, consisting of pure lanolin without additions or preservatives, as this will significantly decrease the chance of allergic reaction when compared to a traditional lanolin treatment.

lanolin product Malaysia

What is the purpose of lanolin?

In order to prevent or cure chapped skin, fissures and other cracks produced by breastfeeding, which may result in dehydration of the skin, lanolin is the treatment of choice. Lanolin, in contrast to other ointments such as petroleum jelly, enables the skin to breathe while also slowing the rate of skin evaporation. When applied to the nipples, it is ideal for assisting skin cells in re-establishing their normal level of moisture. Cracks will heal without developing a crust and will heal more quickly as a result of the use of this natural ointment.

When and how should you use lanolin?

Lanolin helps to prepare the breasts for nursing by moisturising and softening the skin when the mother-to-be is pregnant. During nursing, it helps to prevent the development of cracks and soothes any discomfort that occurs. As a result, lanolin may be used as soon as the need arises to prevent or treat irritation. It is sufficient to take a little quantity and, after thoroughly cleaning your hands, melt it between your fingers before applying it to the nipples after feeding. Remove the extra material is not necessary.

The following are some of the potential adverse effects of lanolin.

Because lanolin is usually well tolerated, the chances of allergic reactions are low. It is also a safe product that poses no danger to your child. Removing the product before feeding does not serve any use in this situation. Of course, if your symptoms increase or if you notice redness or local irritation (which is uncommon), you should see your doctor or pharmacist, who will be able to provide you with advice.

Sheep’s wool contains lanolin, a natural oil that is thick and waxy. Lanolin is sometimes known as “wool wax” because of its appearance. Indeed, it allows sheep to produce oily and water-repellent wool, which enables them to stay warm and dry in cold and rainy weather.

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This oil is extracted from the sheep after they have been sheared. Its wool is processed to produce yarn, and their lanolin is harvested for use as a strong moisturiser in a variety of skin and hair care items, including cosmetics.